Welcome to our website and I hope you enjoy your journey through our wonderful cats.

To give you some background; I have always been owned by a cat or two when growing up and it was a
natural step to obtain a couple of furry friends when I finally bought a home of my own. These furry guys
were Bilbo, Baloo & Timon. When I met up with Norman a couple of years later I soon realised that he too
was very much into the cats and enjoyed having a multi cat household. After moving house twice to a much
larger detached property in 1999 I decided it was time to take the cats seriously and see if I could go in to
breeding and showing my own kittens. That's when the cats went from minority to majority!!
We found a wonderful breeder and now a good friend Anne Edney of Rocadanne who entrusted to us our
first Maiden girls. Starting with just the British Shorthair and then over the last fifteen years we have
acquired several wonderful Selkirk Rex cats that have complimented my British breeding programme with
our first Selkirk kittens having been born in 2005.

My love of the Selkirk Rex has equalled my British Breeding programme and the Amazolou Cattery
became one of the founding members of the Selkirk Rex Cat Club in 2006 to aid in the progression of the
breed and it's championship status within the GCCF.

We have exported cats in the last 15 years and will consider the sale of kittens to overseas buyers.
Please note that we do not make any profit from kitten sales. Everything goes back into the pot towards
the several thousands of pounds it costs to keep these wonderful animals, to promote these wonderful
breeds and to  support my hobby of showing.
Please feel free to browse our site and see our wonderful boys and girls.
If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me direct:

Ms Zoë L Amarilli
(+44) 01564 826976       email: amazolou@gmail.com

'Amazolou' breeding prefix is registered with both the GCCF & TICA
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The GCCF Breeder Scheme

The Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (GCCF) is a long
established body acting for the best interests of cats.

The breeders who have signed up to the GCCF Breeder
Scheme have shown their commitment to the standards
required by the scheme's code of ethics. Please note that the
scheme is new and not all the GCCF breeders will have signed
up to using the scheme. This does not mean that they are not
excellent or reputable breeders.

The code requires breeders to meet various criteria, as listed
They must show commitment to their breed by being a
member of a GCCF affiliated cat club for the breed.

They must be familiar with what the breed should look and
behave like and endeavour to breed cats of this type.

They must take steps to make sure the kittens they breed have
the best chance of a happy, healthy life and leave them fit and
well. - Kittens, must have completed the full course of
vaccines, been examined by a vet at least twice and be GCCF
registered and Insured.

They must try to make sure kittens they breed go to loving
homes and that their new owners are given the support and
help they may need to look after them.
Selkirk Rex Cat Club: Committee since 2006
Chairman since 2009
Rex Cat Association: Committee since 2011
Chairman since 2014
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About 'Amazolou Cats'
About 'Amazolou Cats'