This page is to show case our lovely Selkirk Rex girls curly and straight haired,
we have kept some of our home grown girls over the last couple of years to be
able to go to our new imported boys.

All my girls are of excellent type and have that lovely appealing Selkirk nature.
'Amazolou Cats & Kittens'

Selkirk Rex Girls   
Amazolou Poppets Precious

Golden Tipped Variant LH Selkirk Rex 79l 43v
Born: 8th July 2006

Sire: TICA Supreme GR CH Trueblu Jetranger
Dam: Steelaway Scallywag

Home Bred
A Blood Group Tested (VGL 2009)
Little Precious was born nearly a week early and was only the size of my thumb on arrival, she
has always been the runt and struggled through her kitten-hood. After a faltering start we
decided she'd have to stay with us. Seven years on Precious has grown into a lovely big girl
with the most amazing green eyes and teddy bear nature. She has produced some of our
favorite kittens and has proven to be a dedicated and loving Mum. She is now retired and her
kitten rearing days are over although I have a feeling she'll steal a kitten or two in the future
from the other Mums in the house.

Islarey Temple Goddess
Blue Tortie Silver Shaded Selkirk Rex
GCCF, CFA & TICA Registered
Jacobis Stuart of Trueblue [lilac golden shaded Selkirk Rex]
Jengari Champagne Rose [Silver Tortie Shaded Selkirk Rex Variant]

Born: 1st February 2008
PKD Negative Tested (VGL 2009)
A Blood Group Tested (VGL 2009)
Little Willow winged her way from her sunny home in New South Wales Australia to the UK once she
was 10 months old. So many thanks to her breeder Lisa for in-trusting to me one of her first Ozzie
born babies. Willow is now neutered and we hope to show her once she's recovered from her Op.
'Amazolou Cats & Kittens'

Selkirk Rex Girls   
amazolou Selkirk Rex Cat
amazolou Selkirk Rex Cat
Oriana Baby Love
Date of Birth 21st March 2011

Blue Cream Tortie Long Haired Variant Selkirik Rex.
Breeder: Mandy Murphy

Acozni Caramia
Grand Sire Islarey Undercover Agent
Grand  Dam Amazolou Evanescence.

GCCF Grand CH & Tica Double Grand CH Amazolou Super Trouper
Grand Sire TICA CH Insider Constantin
Grand Dam Trublu Housemartin

Little Baby will be joining the Amazolou cattery in early July. She is a gorgeous kitty
with lovely Selkirk traits and big adorable eyes.
I have to thank breeder and good friend Mandy for letting me have Baby and I look
forward to showing her at a Ped Pet in the future.
Baby was neutered in June 2014 and is now happy to sit on her Dad's Normans lap
looking longingly and lovingly at him, I have a feeling she is going to be one spoilt little
girl now her Mummy days are over.
Amazolou Goo-Goo Doll
aka Gooey

Selkirk Rex SH Tortie Tipped Variant
Date of Birth 6th May 2013

Sire: Amazolou Polar Bear
Imp Gr Ch Acozni Rebuss of Amazolou

Baby Gooey is such a tonker toy of a kitten a proper little sweetie who has inherited her Dads head butting
habit. She has the potential of growing up in to a huge girl with the same substance and stance as her Dad
Polar Bear.  As Polar is now neutered I thought it sensible to keep hold of his super sized award winning
genes and hope that one day little gooey will be able to produce some Polar Bears of her own in a year or
two. Her litter brother Kodiak has also stayed with us so it's a proper family affair.
Retired Girls - Now on the sofa
Amazolou Peekaboo
aka Boo

Date of Birth 24th April 2016

Back Silver Tortie & White Longhaired Selkirk Rex

Sire: Insiders Rudolf of Amazolou (IMP)
Dam: Amazolou Frou-Frou

Little Boo will be staying with us and allowing Rudolfs lines to carry since we neutering him.
She is a gorgeous friendly girl with the prettiest of faces and has grown in to a truly gorgeous
little lady.

After attending just three shows Boo is proving to be a great little girl. Winning a Best of
Variety in her first show and an Overall Best in Show in her third.